Upload and Convert Videos to GIFs Online

If you are a social media addict, you definitely know that feeling when you can’t find a nice emoji that would express your state of mind. At that moment, many of us may recall an image of a favorite movie hero or a stupid movie episode that would perfectly encapsulate our impressions. Still images are definitely good, but GIF animations are even better as they can grab the attention of users more easily.

GIF is a short animated image with constantly repeating frames. Generally, it can last from a few seconds to a couple minutes and have a “.gif” file name. The only difference between a video and GIFs is that the latter have no sound. GIF images are extremely widespread, and they are often used on social media. However, their main advantage is that it takes only a few minutes to create them.

Everybody knows how to make videos. Or even how to change the video format of your files – the trick is to use trusted online services. But how do you create your own original GIF? read more

How To Make Your Own Gif

For the last few years, gifs (graphics interchange formats) have become one of the most frequently used formats on the Internet. There are several reasons why users prefer gifs. First of all, they don’t take a long time to upload, unlike videos. Moreover, some moments need to be watched frame by frame where gifs are extremely helpful. However, they do not include sound in contrast to videos.

In its essence, a gif is a set of animated images or a piece of a video file that is presented in a constantly repeated frame. When it comes to messengers, gifs can add fuller and usually funny context to what was texted online. Taking it into account, emojis are at a disadvantage to gifs for the reason that the first is static.

The Best Tools To Create Gifs

There is a wide range of ways to get creative with your own gif. Hence, one can get lost in that variety of online tools. First and foremost, one should consider what will be converted into the gif: video, photos/pictures or screenshots. Among the most widely used services for creating gifs are: read more

How to Make Moving Images?

Moving images, also known as GIFs, are gaining popularity rapidly due to the increased interest in visual art. It’s used on various social media platforms, in advertising, and even in business and education sectors as it’s much easier to convey information through moving images. Naturally, lots of people are growing interested in being able to create such images. So, which programs can help in doing that and are they easy to use?


Recordit is a great app that can help you make brief moving images as quickly and easily as possible – all you have to do is download and open it. It works both on Windows and Mac and it’s completely free, and you’ll find it useful if you want to make a demo, a tutorial, or a screencast. You’ll be able to understand how it works intuitively thanks to Recordit’s extremely user-friendly interface. Just click on the space you want to use as your main object, drag it into the program’s window, then click ‘record’. All actions that you’ll perform afterward will be automatically recorded.

For example, you’ve chosen an image of the table with numerous actions listed and you want to show their sequence to your audience. After clicking ‘record’, you can move your mouse cursor to each action, type something, then move the cursor again. Every movement you make will be recorded by the program. When you’re finished, the system will break your actions into moving slides and automatically save the file as .gif. That’s it! Your moving image is ready. read more

How to Make Gifs for Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms. Many people create blogs there daily, making friends and exchanging various types of content. Gifs, which are animated images, present an increasingly popular type of content. For example, you might want to emphasize a particularly important moment of your favorite TV show, choosing the make a .gif out of the scenes of characters exchanging meaningful looks or touching each other secretly, so brief that they might be easily missed.

Whatever it is that makes you want to create a .gif, it requires you to use some special gif-making programs. What are they, though? Let’s regard the easiest photos- and video-to-gifs programs both for mobile and PC versions of Tumblr.     

.Gifs through Mobile Tumblr Application

If you have a smartphone and spend a lot of time on Tumblr, you’re likely to have a Tumblr mobile app. If so, making a .gif with it won’t be difficult. All you have to do is click ‘compose new post’ and pick ‘photo’ category. After that, you’ll be offered to upload the image from your phone.   read more