DISTANCE LEARNING Crash Course Economics Worksheets Episodes 11-15 BUNDLE

Oct 27, 2022 - 5 separate worksheets -- one per episode, with all questions provided both with and without time stamps! Each packet provides both a one-page worksheet to save paper, as well as a larger-format version with plenty of room for student answers! Extended thinking prompts included for every episode!ALL ...

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IOUSA = an important movie to help better understand finance and economics. Especially in regards to the united states

Veterans Benefits Administration provides financial and other forms of assistance to veterans and their dependents. This page provides links to benefit information and services.

Easy to Implement High School Economics from Starts At Eight. Paradigm Accelerated High School Economics is an easy to implement curriculum that includes test, activities, quizzes, test, and answer key. Give your high school student a solid half credit hi

This pin compares Socialism to Capitalism and Communism. It shows what Socialism has that Capitalism or Communism do not have.

This review game has held strong as my favorite History review game of all time! Students will be out of their seats, moving, and laughing!

Sector investing can help align investments to specific objectives. For investors with many years before retirement, focus on traditional growth sectors.

How I Keep My Homeschooling Costs to $250 a Year for Four Kids!

Many of my readers have been asking me for extended tips on implementing Shark Tank in your classroom (since reading my post on History's Great Mystery (How can I make my classroom more interactive?!) This activity is a HUGE hit in my history classroom. This is basically a marketing 101 lesson. The Basics: Break students into groups.… Continue reading ?

Who owns the FED and controls the US government through the economy. The Rothschilds and the Bank of England. The Rothschild Group controls governments, (the...

Whether you teach world history, European or US history, or even high school economics this TpT resource is perfect for you. Students have a difficult time understanding how housing markets and mortgages work which is what Teaching with Monopoly is designed to help with. Learn all about my bestselling TpT resource on my blog then follow the link to my TpT store. #gamesintheclassroom #economicsactivities

Kids need to learn about things like banking, compound interest, and the importance of staying debt-free. Teach them with these games.

Hot Coffee Worksheets and Puzzle Pages offer teachers lots of options for teaching about how our legal rights are actually under threat! Great for both econ and government, this Hot Coffee worksheet packet includes more than 100 multiple choice questions in movie order, plus two puzzle worksheets to use as run recaps, reviews, or even tests! A complete teaching solution, you can use the worksheets during viewing and the crosswords after! Full solution keys for all materials. The movie brings…

In which case webcomic artist GoodTickleBrain, aka Mya Gosling, has your back.

I have posted numerous times about the importance of a growth mindset. Today I came across a great infographic that can be shared with students in order to help them take responsibility for their l…

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Video clips from the television show the office that illustrate economics concepts.

Many high-school students aren't taught basic financial skills. Learn eight financial skills you should know before you graduate from high school.

A Penn State professor uses pop culture to teach economic theory