5th Grade Math Review or Homework Problems Measurement and Data - Google Slides

Jul 29, 2012 - This math pack includes word problems, line plots, charts, graphs, calculation/operation problems, and answer keys that align to the 5th Grade Common Core Math Standards: Measurement and Data.Included in this pack:·17 pages of printable problems (6 problems on every page) -with room to complete work...

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5th Grade math skills...teachers use to determine small groups

. Positive and Negative Integer Rules

This infographic looks at hight order thinking skills and foundational thinking skills and the Bloom's level associated with each of them. It also lists starters to use with the verbs and tools that can be used with each. Please follow and like us:Rick W. BurkettRick W. Burkett runs the John A. Logan College Teaching and … Continue reading "Infographic: Thinking Skills Framework"

I received an email the other day saying: Love your site! So many ideas and very kid friendly. I am a new user and maybe it's a bit presumptuous of me to suggest content but….I'm doing ‘Electricity' in science right now with my grade 5/6 class and would love to see that included in your […]

Take a Break | Math Worksheet: rounding decimals

We don't see certain Common Core data standards taught often enough--one that asks students to use number lines to enhance their understanding of fractions.

This can be used so the students can put the 13 colonies where they are geographically to learn which states were by each other and how they interacted. RSH

I wanted to share a website I stumbled upon called Classroom Doodles. I have printed some of their free doodles and have put them in my waiting area at school - along with crayons - it's a great way to help students unwind. You can find over 1,000 free coloring pages at this wonderful site: Doodle Art Alley Here's what they say about Doodling: We all get stressed, nervous and bored for one reason or another. And we all have ways to deal with these states of mind. I like to call them nervous…

Here is my before picture! I moved rooms this year so all of my things were packed up and I was starting from scratch. It was a good thing though because I had a chance to clean things out. I use a green and blue theme every year but decided to add frogs to it

I say Presidents' Day, you say Presidents Day...Let's call the whole thing off. Ok, we're not singing about tomatoes, but I'm not completely sure what the correct punctuation for this holiday is. I Googled it, and it's still not clear. I think Presidents' Day looks right. Once you get a look at all the goodies I created for you, I don't think you'll mind how I chose to punctuate. I put together a whole days worth of activities for this holiday. I've got Reading, Writing, Math, and Social…

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FREE Thematic Units - New Years, G is for Gingerbread, and K is for Kwanza! Hurry and grab while they are FREE!

Since the school year started I have LOVED using Interactive Math Notebooks in my 4th grade classroom. My students are having a great time putting them together and using them for reference, when completing their assignments. I had created worksheets to use with my interactive notebooks. These have worked great for follow-up assignments, and sometimes…

A few years ago when I was teaching 6th grade, I had my students create a Class Thesaurus. It turned out to be an amazing activity. While going through my old 6th grade files, I came across the Thesaurus we created and realized that this same idea would work with my 4th graders. I can't…

I am not ashamed that this would come in handy for me too!This looks pretty cool and very useful as a reference guide. I am going to print and laminate

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The new Common core broken down on this blog!

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Back into the division trenches today with one of my favorite “kick off” activities! I love it when a piece of literature can spark a lesson, and this is no exception. Marilyn Burns turned me on to this idea a few years back, and I have taken the ideas in her lesson and expanded it […]