How to Make Gifs for Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms. Many people create blogs there daily, making friends and exchanging various types of content. Gifs, which are animated images, present an increasingly popular type of content. For example, you might want to emphasize a particularly important moment of your favorite TV show, choosing the make a .gif out of the scenes of characters exchanging meaningful looks or touching each other secretly, so brief that they might be easily missed.

Whatever it is that makes you want to create a .gif, it requires you to use some special gif-making programs. What are they, though? Let’s regard the easiest photos- and video-to-gifs programs both for mobile and PC versions of Tumblr.     

.Gifs through Mobile Tumblr Application

If you have a smartphone and spend a lot of time on Tumblr, you’re likely to have a Tumblr mobile app. If so, making a .gif with it won’t be difficult. All you have to do is click ‘compose new post’ and pick ‘photo’ category. After that, you’ll be offered to upload the image from your phone.  

As you’ll be looking through your photos and videos, many of them will already have a .gif status — for example, if you’ve made lots of photos of an object at once. You might also have a short video you want to make into .gif. After picking it, you’ll be given an option to select the timeframe for the scene you want to depict. You might change the size of the .gif and that’s it! You can click ‘done’.  

.Gifs through PC

For PC version of Tumblr, the easiest way to make a .gif is to use, a convenient online program. It can help you turn both images and videos into .gifs. The former one doesn’t require explanations — just download the images and place them in the sequence you need. With videos, the process is also very simple: you have to upload the video and then select the timeframe for your chosen moment. You can fill in the time by yourself or you can use a red and a green arrows.

First, place a red arrow on the moment where you’d like your .gif to end. Then place the green arrow on the moment where you want it to start. Preview it and it’s done! You can change the size and quality if you want by using the functions offered on the left bar. After you click ‘generate .gif’, you’ll be given a set of options.

  • Upload the .gif to Tumblr directly;
  • Send it through Gmail;
  • Save it on your PC.

The latter is the best option as it’s most likely to secure the best visual effect. You can upload it to Tumblr by choosing a ‘compose a photo post’. It’ll take just a second!

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