How to Make 3D Gif?

Every person who uses the Internet has seen a .gif at least once. It’s nearly impossible to miss this type of the animated images as all social media platforms are brimming with them, with more and more .gifs appearing daily. However, while the usual .gifs can be pretty engaging, 3D animated images can be a real work of art. So, what do they entail and how to make them?

3D .Gif

3D .gifs depict a moving image of someone or something that appears to be jumping from the frame right at you. It can be a bird that flies right into your face or a tree that’s falling forward as if breaking the frame in an attempt to reach you. It’s undoubtedly fascinating and if you’ve seen something like this, you must be wondering how it’s possible to make such .gifs. The answer is simpler than you think!


There are many great programs that can help you make a 3D .gif. However, the most popular and one of the easiest options is a simple Photoshop version. It has everything you’re going to need to make a perfect 3D .gif. Here are the steps that you’ll have to follow.  

  • Pick an image that you’ll be turning into your 3D .gif. You’ll have to either make a simple .gif at first or to choose the existing one. To achieve the 3D effect, there has to be some forward motion on it.
  • Go to the Navigation menu and choose View — New Guide. This is where you’ll have to pick 2-3 vertical visual bars that will break your image into several parts.
  • Watch so your central animated object interacted with your visual bars at the front — for example, so it would touch them in the process of its forward motion. Create a separate layer for each moment where this interaction happens.
  • Zoom in and apply a black color to each place of the bar where the interaction happens. In most versions of Photoshop, it will automatically make a piece of the bar disappear. This way, the bars won’t be visible as your object walks/flies/falls through them, which will create the 3D effect.
  • Click ‘convert to .gif’.

That’s it. If you follow all these steps, you’ll be able to get a stunning 3D .gif with few efforts. Don’t let the number of the steps scare you off — it might seem like a lot, but the truth is, all of them are pretty simple. The whole process might take some time, especially if you’re making your very first 3D .gif, but there is nothing difficult involved, meaning that each person can do it. Have fun creating!

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