Upload and Convert Video to GIF Online

If you are a typical social media addict, so you definitely know that feeling when you can’t find an appropriate emoji to express your state of mind when emotions are overwhelming your soul. At that very moments, a lot of us may recall a vague image of a favorite movie hero or a stupid movie episode that would perfectly suit the situation and reflect those vivid impressions. Nowadays simple images are not so interesting for people whereas bright animations like GIF pictures can easily grab the attention of users.

GIF is a short animated image with constantly repeating frames. Generally, it can last from a few seconds till a few minutes and possess «gif» file name. The only difference between the video and GIF animation is the absence of sound. GIF images are extremely widespread and they are often used on social media, however, their main advantage is that it takes only a few minutes to create them. Unfortunately, not all the people know how to do that effortless.

So how you can create your own original GIF? The answer is extremely simple. Undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to make it is just to turn the favorite part of the video into GIF. You don’t even need to look for and download any special programs on your PC because this option is available online for free. The biggest advantage of online converters is that it allows you to create a  GIF picture at once so that you can save your time in case you are busy and let your friends enjoy your favorite part of the movie or video with you. With the help of the online converters, you may easily upload many widespread types of video materials such as avi, WebM, WMV and turn them into GIF. Everything is so simple that you won’t even read the instruction till the end as it becomes clear how to deal with an online converter at first sight.

Best Ways to Turn Video into GIF

There is a wide range of useful online video converters on the Internet that will help you to entertain your friends with your own original GIF images.  Among the most popular are the following:

  • Ezgif;
  • Animated GIF Maker;
  • Video to gif;
  • Gifsoup.

Everyone can do this without any effort only within a few minutes. You only need to choose the video you like and spend a few minutes of your time. Certainly, each of these services has their own peculiarities, so before choosing the most suitable it would be good for you to try all the possible options and compare the results.  

It becomes clear that you don’t need to be an advanced computer user to make GIF from the video. The only thing required is an inspiration and desire to create some original and funny stuff besides there is a plethora of ways how to do that. Among the vast range of options you just need to find the most suitable for yourself.

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