How To Make Your Own Gif

For the last few years, gifs (graphics interchange formats) have become one of the most frequently used formats on the Internet. There are several reasons why users prefer gifs. First of all, they don’t take a long time to upload, unlike videos. Moreover, some moments need to be watched frame by frame where gifs are extremely helpful. However, they do not include sound in contrast to videos.

In its essence, a gif is a set of animated images or a piece of a video file that is presented in a constantly repeated frame. When it comes to messengers, gifs can add fuller and usually funny context to what was texted online. Taking it into account, emojis are at a disadvantage to gifs for the reason that the first is static.

The Best Tools To Create Gifs

There is a wide range of ways to get creative with your own gif. Hence, one can get lost in that variety of online tools. First and foremost, one should consider what will be converted into the gif: video, photos/pictures or screenshots. Among the most widely used services for creating gifs are:

  • Giphy GIF Maker;
  • Gickr;
  • Imgflip;
  • Makeagif;
  • Licecap.

All these tools have different functions, so they are used for different purposes. Giphy GIF Maker is an easy and convenient tool to make gifs of YouTube videos. Gickr allows to upload between two and ten images and customize size, speed. Imgflip and Makeagif allow creating eye-catching gifs from images and videos as well. However, Imgflip adds watermarks to its gifs. At the same time, Licecap allows working with screenshots.

The above-mentioned services are free and have an easy-to-use interface that makes them a perfect choice for newbies. With their help, the process of making gifs turns not only into a cakewalk but also a playful action. In this way you will convey your emotions, illustrate a point or explain a concept, entertaining yourself.

How They Work

To a certain extent, gif making tools share the same framework. Firstly, you need to upload images or video. Alternatively, you can add URL where they are stored. Then you need to arrange images or select the part of the video you want to cut, adjust options and, finally, generate a desirable gif. As you can see, the creation of your own animation does not require much of your time or technical know-how but it will definitely spice up your content.

Obviously, you can find the necessary gif in various galleries and databases but often it may not correspond with your current emotion or mood. In such cases, the tools for creating your own gifs come in handy. It is a great way to run your own gallery of animations that will meet your requirements.

It is evident that there are numerous possibilities of creating your personal and unique gif. If you didn’t find the suitable one or if you have a proper video and want it to be in a form of the gif, you always have a wide range of choice to do it.

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