Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A BATMAN style pitch I did to DC sometime ago.
I was experimenting with the style and tried a hybrid way between traditional and digital style. The original paper I worked was actually brown.
The halftone and most of the highlights have been done digitally.

I have plans to work on this way as soon as I have time.


arnie said...

i take it they did not go for the pitch?

Anonymous said...

Hello man! I am the ex-DC fan from the Athens/Greece Comicdom convention. Remember when I told you that the New 52 would be flopping soon? Remember when I told you that rebooted FIRESTORM sucks and has lost all his fans. I sounded like a geek to many back then but guess what? I knew better and time has proved me right! New 52 sales are going down the drain and FIRESTORM is about to get cancelled! Just tell DC to bring back the real DCU before they close shop! Few want these rebooted flops after all!

Anonymous said...

Hello man! It is me again the ex-DC fan. I have changed my mind because Action Comics, Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Earth 2, Batwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Justice League, Justice League Dark, I Vampire, Dial H and more are actually amazing comic books desrving of more respect than I displayed previously. I decided to tell you this although like my previous comment it has nothing with what your blog entry was about. I am now an ex ex-DC fan signing off before I close my shop up for the night. EXCELSIOR!!!!